Movies Through The Ages


Movies both then and now have helped to shape modern pop culture to the point of full integration. All the way back from the days of Humphrey Bogart in Casa Blanca, to Jack Nicholson, in Stanley Kubrick’s murder masterpiece of psychosis, The Shining.

Movies have tapped into the psyche of the human mind for decades and have no sign of slowing down. Think of the first time (if ever) that you saw a horror movie that was based on real events. Did it make you look at things a little differently? Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a perfect example of this madness, turned into movie magic. What makes things even more unsettling is the fact that the man “Leather Face” was never found by the police. Spooky for sure; especially if you live in Texas.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have movies like Disney’s, “The Lion King.” This movie is largely responsible for many of the late 20-somethings of today learning about and loving the Disney franchise, which in turn brings in a new audience with their children learning to love the Disney characters. Which leads to the newest sensation; I am of course, speaking of the movie “Frozen.” If you live any place that has a television within range of your body, then you are aware of this movie. This movie is for today’s youth, what The Lion King was for the 90’s. It is still insanely popular and the song “Let It Go” will probably never leave your mind again. Especially if you have kids.

The influence that movies have on the public at large is obvious, which brings me to the subject of age appropriateness.

It is getting easier and easier for kids to watch R-rated materials. This makes it the job of a parent to research the movie your child is asking to watch. With movies blurring the line between fantasy and reality, the most obvious way to
know is to check the rating of the film.

We must also use our own good judgement here for our children. With many action flicks being rated PG-13 to get more ticket sales. It is a good idea to watch a trailer or two for the movie. You can also look up any reviews the film may have if it seems questionable to. No matter what the rating, the parent has the final call on what is appropriate for the child.…